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Every morsel of Pork created by Curly Sue is infused with joy - and that truly is our secret ingredient that contributes to making every dish so special. We source our Kachampuli from a high-altitude estate in Coorg that. Bottolanda family for three generations. Our masalas are 100% handmade and natural, following a lovingly guarded recipe that has been handed down from the family of our Biddanda grandmother. Even the premium Pork, bird's eye chillies, lemons, and other ingredients that make their way into every dish we make have a story to tell. And the stories don't end there - in fact, that's just where they begin. Our family has bonded over this food for years, and we now want to share our joy with you. Go ahead, indulge in Curly Sue - let's create more stories together.

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Indian flavours

Pandi Curry

Pepper spiced traditional Pork curry from Coorg, finished with kachampuli. Best paired with Akki otti, white rice, sannas, idli or dosas.

Chilly Pork

Green chilly spiced Coorg style Pork, flavours of lemon and garlic.

Goan Pork Vindaloo

Slow cooked succulent Pork gravy flavoured with red chillies, garlic and coconut vinegar.

Western flavours

Rosemary roasted Pork Rack

24 hour marinated and 4hour slow cooked Rack with flavours of Rosemary, garlic, tomato and tamarind; to yield a juicy layered rack.

Mexican Chili con Carne

5 chili spiced Pork mince cooked with tomato and fresh herbs and spices.

BBQ Pulled Pork

8 hour slow cooked Pork, shredded and juicy as a filling in burgers, sandwiches or pasta.

Asian flavours

Oriental Lindty chops

Pork chops cooked in soya, sesame, spring onions, chilly and brown sugar.

Ready-to-cook marinated meat

Liberation burger patties

Fully marinated burger patties, with fresh herbs and spices, chilly and cheese.

Thai Sai Oua sausage

Ready-to-cook Speciality Thai Sai Oua or Chiang Mai sausage with flavours of lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime.

Tomato & Herb sausage

Fresh Rosemary, thyme and tomato in a classic sausage.

Calcutta Entally sausage

Entally sausage with fresh herbs and green chillies.

Coorg breakfast sausage

sausages with flavours of pepper, jeera, mustard, fresh herbs and aromatics.

Spreads and pickles

Bacon jam

Savoury spread of fried bacon, onion, tomato, fresh spices and apple cider vinegar. Can be eaten on bread, chapathi, dosa or scrambled.

Chunky Pork pickle

Slow fried Pork chunks with home ground spices.

Curly Sue Specials

Tomato glazed Meatloaf

Our moist and juicy Pork mince meat loaf with a variety of spices, herbs and nuts. Cooked in a slow oven with a tomato tabasco reduction.

Chicharon Pork rind chips

Pork rinds, seasoned with salt and Rosemary, dried and triple fried to make crispy crackling.

Karthakaad Ham

Smoked ham in Coorg spices of bird’s eye chilly, mixed citrus, honey and black pepper.

Vanak Erchi

Sun-dried meat, ready-to-cook and fry to a crisp as a topping for eggs, rice or even in a roll.


Pork belly stuffed with nuts and brandied liver pâté.

Rosemary et al’s Fruit Preserves

Rhubarb and ginger

Rhubarb and ginger slow cooked to yield a tart yet sweet preserve.

Strawberry, Rosemary and balsamic

Chunky fresh strawberries cooked with Rosemary sugar and balsamic vinegar.

Husk cherry and thyme

Juicy Husk cherry cooked with thyme to yield a delightful preserve.

Mulberry and lime

Full fruit Mulberry preserve with no additives.