Curly Sue Pork is the labour of love of Uttam and Radhica Muthappa. We slow cook all our meat between 4 hours and 8 hours, using traditional recipes and modern techniques to serve you the best possible version of the dish. We, being from Coorg, believe that Pork is the most delectable meat and needs to be given it’s due. Our butchers have their own farms and have been with the family for the past 50years. We home grow our own spices like pepper, birds eye chilli and herbs like Rosemary, thyme and sage.


Our Pandicurry is slowcooked for 6 hours with a mix of roasted spices and pastes, a good ratio of lean to fat.The process helps render the fat slowly in order to form a thick emulsion and a most delicious rich, velvety texture. The meat and fat retains their structure and are soft to the bite. We then finish it with our traditional brewed Coorg vinegar form the Garcinia fruit, called Kachampuli.

Goan Pork Vindaloo

Our Goan Pork Vindaloo is cooked with a blend of Guntur chilies for their spice and bydagi chillies for their colour and flavour. The Pork is cooked in a blend of this and finished with a touch of jaggery and coconut vinegar .

Rosemary roasted Pork Rack

Our Rosemary rack is marinated for 24hours and then cooked for 4hours at a slow temperature. This temperature cooks the meat and renders the fat slowly so the result is a juicy rib with a soft fat layer and the bone.

Sausage making

Our sausages are handmade with a plenty of fresh herbs and spices and a good ratio of fat to lean meat to make it juicy on cooking. We use only natural casing and absolutely no fillers or additives.

Karthakaad ham

Sliced premium leg of ham is smoked and then cooked in Coorg spices of pepper, birds eye chilly, honey and mixed citrus.

Vanak erchi

Vanak Erchi or sun-dried meat is the lean cut of meat which is marinated with spices and salt and sun-dried for 7 days. It is then pounded to separate the meat and make it easy to cook. This tenderises the meat and helps it cook faster to a crisper texture.


Marinated Pork belly stuffed with a mix of liver pâté, nuts and aromatics, tied and slow roasted in the oven. Then sliced and served along with its crackling.

Chicharon (Pork rind crackling)

Brined, dried and double fried pork rind, seasoned with salt and Rosemary. Popular Philipino snack.

Tomato glazed meatloaf

Our moist and juicy Pork mince meat loaf with a variety of spices, herbs and nuts. Cooked in a slow oven with a tomato tabasco reduction glaze. Just enough natural binding to keep it moist.