In Curly Sue, we design our products such that they offer a variety to your table, without compromising on quality and nutrients. Hence our products can be stored easily, adapted to any recipe and help you rustle up a quick delicious meal in no time

Easter table with meatloaf

Rosemary rack with roasted vegetables

Thai sausage with rice noodles and egg

Chili con Carne and nachos

Nachos with Chili con Carne and cheese

Liberation patty in a delicious burger

Thai Sausage with camembert and egg

Chilly Pork burger

Liberation Patty topped with Pulled Pork

Vanak erchi on Saffron rice

Pork hot dog with a Chili con Carne topping

Crisp dosa with Goan Pork Vindaloo

Karthakaad ham muffins with cheese and baconjam

Pandicurry and Paputtu